Special Security Services

Global Security Services Group

Innovation in Armed Security Services

Global Security Services Group can advise, plan, mentor, and train a full spectrum of Military and Strategic Security solutions for Government and Special Project needs. The Security solution will be tailor-made as per the client’s requirements.

Government Operations

  • Specialised Skills Development
    • Military Skills
    • Law Enforcement Skills
    • Base Operations
  • Government Security Mentor Programs
    • Military Operations – mentorship programs
    • Law Enforcement Operations – mentorship programs
    • Base Support or Logistic Operational Support – Mentorship Programs

Private Security Solutions

  • Special Security Skills Development
    • Close Protection Operations
    • Armed Static Security Operations
    • Mobile security Operations
    • K-9 Security operations
  • Security Program Mentor Ship Programs
    • Special Military Operations
    • Special Police Operations
  • Deportation Escorting Services
    • Escorting deported individuals