Armed Mobile Security

Global Security Services Group

Innovation in Armed Security Services

Mobile Security Detachment (MSD) is Global Security Services Group’s on-call tactical crisis response and contingency operations element. The MSD unit is self-sufficient and supported by operational coordinators and a support element that includes advanced communications, operational planning, and intelligence analysis.

The primary responsibilities of MSD are:

  • Crisis response and evacuation of protectees
  • High threat protection
  • Facility security augmentation
  • Liaison, joint training and deployments with other specialised units

Our agents undergo a selection and assessment that develops their ability to work effectively under conditions of extreme stress when deployed. The training and support ensure that MSD can provide a full spectrum of capabilities, including:

  • Preventing and responding to threats
  • Supporting major investigations and special security events
  • Providing security support during operations
  • Assisting in the collection and verification of information deemed to be of strategic or operational importance to the Close Protection Department

    MSD augments the Protective Security Detail for high-threat diplomatic missions by providing counter-assault capabilities when required.

Our Counter assault team is deployed when foreign diplomats are assigned to us while visiting the United Arab Emirates, and require the highest level of protection.

For these high-threat diplomatic missions, an MSD tactical support team augments the Protective Security Detail by providing counter-assault capabilities.