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Innovation in Armed Security Services

Global Security Services offers worldwide professional, compliant, and cost-effective maritime risk management and security solutions of the highest standard to various industries. Our strategic partnership with well-known global security service companies global allows GSSG to reach locations far and wide.


Off-shore Asset Protection

Passenger Vessel Protection

Port & Vessel Protection

Vessel & Crew Recovery

Counter-Piracy Security

Global Security Services Group provides risk mitigation services to ship owners, ship managers and charterers for all types of vessels transiting through the High-Risk Area (HRA) within the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.

Transit Risk Assessment
A detailed risk and intelligence assessment is provided for guidance and planning purposes.

Embarked Security Teams
Armed guards and unarmed consultants with fully owned and licenced firearms and security-related equipment.

Vessel Hardening
Vessel hardening measures are adequate and implemented before entering HRA.

Offshore Asset Protection

GSSG provides risk management and security solutions for offshore oil & gas facilities and pipelines worldwide. We service a range of stakeholders in this area, from working with energy companies during their upstream, midstream and downstream operations, to advising governments on offshore and littoral security and risk mitigation.

  • Vessel Security Planning and Execution:
    • Security solutions are provided on board to master and their crews before, during and after transit. Armed personnel with the requisite experience are employed, extensively trained and deployed on vessels to protect against piracy activities and for the purpose of crisis management, evacuation and relief operations.
    • Added features of the service are vessel tracking and reporting from the central command centre which monitors pre-transit, onboard and post-transit reporting.
  • Cruise Ships and Private Yachts:
    • Security of cruise ships onshore and offshore, check-in services, quayside marshalling and response services through trained personnel and high-speed boats deployed in the sea.
    • This is a specialist area that needs strategic approval and working agreements with tourism and defence departments.
  • Marine Surveillance Patrols:
    • To supplement the security plans for critical infrastructure in the proximity of the coastline, surveillance patrols shall be provided with armed crews on powerboats.
    • Each boat has a dedicated boat crew comprising the supervisor, boatswain and machinist equipped to perform monitoring, communication and response functions.

Passenger Vessel Security

GSSG is a crew management company specialising in the sourcing, selection, training and placement of certified, professional and skilled unarmed security crew for cruise ships, ferries and mega-yachts worldwide on behalf of ship owners and ship managers.

Prevention of Security Incidents and Immediate Response to Security Related Issues:

Efficient handling of threats and incidents such as terrorism, piracy, stowaways, drug trafficking, theft, vandalism and more.

Port & Vessel Protection

GSSG provides risk management and security solutions for any vessel type, port facilities and terminals, and port service providers worldwide.

Ship Security Assessments or Port Facility Security Assessments

Detailed risk and intelligence assessment, and security audit of ships or port facilities.

Ship Security Plans or Port Facility Security Plans

Preparation and implementation of a Ship Security Plan or Port Facility Security Plan

Security Training

Security training for crews embarked on merchant or passenger vessels, port facility operators and security operators embarked on port facility boats.

Vessel & Crew Recovery

GSSG can execute the safe protection, recovery and delivery of both crew and any type of vessel immobilised in the High-Risk Area (HRA) due to technical or navigational reasons.

Risk Assessment
Detailed risk and intelligence assessment provided for guidance and planning purposes

Operational & Legal Support
24/7 incident and emergency management, vessel tracking, intelligence reporting and updates, routing advisory and legal support

Security Team
Security team with fully owned and licensed firearms and security related equipment

Provision of Offshore Vessels
Assistance with the provision of offshore tugboats and specialised security vessels