Aviation Security

Global Security Services Group

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Global Security Services Group specialises in all aspects of Aviation Security, Airport Security Compliance, Aviation Security Risk Management and Aviation Security Turnkey Solutions.

Airport Security Program

  • Design and implement ICAO Security Management System (SeMS).
  • Design, draft and implement AVSEC policies and procedures compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ICAO and CAA standards.
  • Provide armed and unarmed AVSEC qualified security officers.
  • Access and exit control.

Threat & Risk Management

  • Annual or per-incident Threat and Risk assessments – providing recommendations on closing the gaps.
  • The AVSEC Threat and Risk Management Services are available on a contract or once-off basis.

Quality Management System

  • Develop a quality management framework.
  • Develop standards (policies, procedures and process flow).
  • Develop the audit and inspection tool.
  • Conducting audits and reviews.
  • Manage the closure of findings and recommendations.

Air Cargo Programs

  • Drafting and preparing Air Cargo Security Program.
  • Assist with the planning and layout of known cargo areas and process flow.
  • Assist companies in obtaining RA3 validation.

Airport Security (Landside)

Services offered by GSSG to complement the state security elements at the landside:

  • Access control and General Surveillance: Management of approaches and traffic to the airports and aviation facilities through established checkpoints, surveillance and mobile response services.
  • Parking and Hotel Security: Security personnel, electronic solutions and emergency response plans for sensitive areas that can cause reputational damage and hinder safe operations at the airports.
  • Premises and Facilities Protection: Security personnel integrated with a technological solution to protect unwanted interruptions at airport buildings and related facilities such as Check-in, Gates and Duty-Free Areas.
  • Passenger Services: From basic support service to specific procedure assistance, these services shall have security-trained staff to serve as customer services agents with skills of behaviour analysis and response.

Airport Security (AIRSIDE)

Protection Services around high-security areas of the Airport focused on passengers and operations:

  • Passenger Profiling and Document Verification: To ensure passenger comfort without compromise of security procedures, document verification services ensure checking of travel documents, entry visas and brief interviews of passengers at the airports.
  • Cargo Security: X-ray screening of mobile and static cargo to and from the aircraft, cargo documentation classification and escorting of high-value cargo from ramp to warehouse.
  • Screening of Catering and Supplies: Access control including but not limited to the conduct of screening for all supplies to the airport and aircraft including catering and general administrative supplies. Besides personnel, sensitive equipment such as smart cards, sensors, tagging and surveillance equipment will be integrated into the processes to ensure multiple layers of security.
  • Aircraft Guarding and Searching: Specially trained security personnel for providing access control to aircrafts, conducting searches and protection for parked aircrafts.

Travel Security

Protection services during air travel both at the aircraft and onward to the desired destinations:

  • Executive Travel Management:
    • This service is aimed at facilitating corporate executives, including pickup and drop, from the airport to the residence and vice versa by use of a secure vehicle, trained security driver and escort (armed/unarmed) in the follow vehicle.
    • Executive protection agents conduct advance and contingency planning, liaison with local law enforcement and rescue authorities, including venue protection.
  • Flight Marshall:
    • Provision of trained armed/unarmed undercover flight marshals for selected flights and destinations.
    • These personnel shall have stringent selection criteria, exhaustive anti-terrorism training, arms handling drills and practices, observation techniques and aviation security skills.